The TOSHIBA is an all-round electric maker. An automatic ticket checker is also manufactured by TOSHIBA.


TOSHIBA Corporarion
Head office:
Tokyo, Minato city

Location of manufacturing

It may that production is performed at the TOSHIBA SOCIAL AUTOMATION SYSTEMS's Akita office.

Related company

Probably the TOSHIBA performs selling. It seems that development and assembly is performed by TOSHIBA SOCIAL AUTOMATION SYSTEMS.

Technical information

There is a technical magazine "TOSHIBA REVIEW". The report about an automatic ticket checker may also be carried.

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Delivery record

Users exists in the whole of country, such as Central Japan Railway, keio, Keikyu, IZUHAKONE RAILWAY and Hankyu etc..

Delivery record

  • EG-500 (Hokushinkyuko Railway)
    EG-500 (Hokushinkyuko Railway)
  • Normal type (former, Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau)
    Normal type (former, Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau)
  • Wide type (Kobe Electric Railway)
    Wide type (Kobe Electric Railway)
  • EG-800 (Hankyu)
    EG-800 (Hankyu)
  • EG-1100JE (Central Japan Railway)
    EG-1100JE (Central Japan Railway)
  • EG-2000 (Kobe New Transit)
    EG-2000 (Kobe New Transit)
  • EG-2000 wide type (Keikyu)
    EG-2000 wide type (Keikyu)
  • EG-2000 with camera (Hankyu)
    EG-2000 with camera (Hankyu)
  • EG-2000 wide type with camera (Hankyu)
    EG-2000 wide type with camera (Hankyu)
  • EG-3000 (Central Japan Railway)
    EG-3000 (Central Japan Railway)
  • EG-5000 (Keikyu)
    EG-5000 (Keikyu)
  • EG-7000 (Central Japan Railway)
    EG-7000 (Central Japan Railway)