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Diary of visitation(2005/11/16) - Getting off at Higashi Yodogawa(Osaka)

I got off at the JR Higashi-yodogawa station.

Higashiyodogawa Nishi Awaji post office is located in the east of the Higashi-yodogawa station.

Visited post offices

In sequence, there are photos of post offices where I visited. Click a photo to enlarge.

Yodogawa Miyahara(41357)
Yodogawa Miyahara(41357)
Higashiyodogawa Nishi Awaji(41493)
Higashiyodogawa Nishi Awaji(41493)


Refer to the following maps for a footprint(Movement near the Higashi-yodogawa station) by GPS on the day.

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