2005/02/21 - Go to Yumenoshima (Tokyo)

I rounded from Kiba to Yumenoshima.

The distance from the Shinkiba Center Birunai post office to the Koto Shinsuna post office was long, so it was tired to walk.

Visited post offices

In sequence, there are photos of post offices where I visited. Click a photo to enlarge.

  • Nihombashi Kayabacho (01512)
    Nihombashi Kayabacho (01512)
  • Koto Kiba (00195)
    Koto Kiba (00195)
  • Koto Susakibashi (00298)
    Koto Susakibashi (00298)
  • Koto Shiohama (01508)
    Koto Shiohama (01508)
  • Koto Shiomi (01564)
    Koto Shiomi (01564)
  • Shinkiba Center Birunai (01397)
    Shinkiba Center Birunai (01397)
  • Koto Shinsuna (01354)
    Koto Shinsuna (01354)


Refer to the following map for a footprint (Movement in Koto city) by GPS on the day.