"Travels for Postal Savings" is saving at post office that exists about twenty thousand branches all over the Japan during a travel, and get its name stamp on passbook. We have a chance to saving everywhere because post offices exist all over the Japan.

Post office is assigned an unique number, so thers is a purpose investigate this number. And exploring around post office is one of pleasure. In my case, I tend to save on business trip.

The counter opens only in the daytime of weekday. When I'm passing post office where I haven't visited on holiday, I feel very regretful. And I think I'd like post office to open the counter.


My rule for postal savings

The rule of postal saving differ by person. My policy is as follows.

  • Saving 100 yen at the counter and getting stamp of post office on my passbook
  • Saving only one time in the same post office
  • When post office name is changed or it's moved, don't visit there again

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