Other Line 181

* mark in station name column means the code is not station (area or ticket type).

Ibara Railway
Line-StationLine nameStation nameMemo
181-001Ibara LineSouja
181-003Ibara LineKiyone
181-005Ibara LineKawabejuku
181-007Ibara LineKibinomakibi
181-009Ibara LineBichukurese
181-011Ibara LineMitani
181-013Ibara LineYakage
181-015Ibara LineOda
181-017Ibara LineSouun no sato ebara
181-019Ibara LineIbara
181-021Ibara LineIzue
181-023Ibara LineKomoriuta no sato takaya
181-025Ibara LineGoryo
181-027Ibara LineYuno
181-029Ibara LineKannabe

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