Chubu Line 213

* mark in station name column means the code is not station (area or ticket type).

Shizuoka Railway
Line-StationLine nameStation nameMemo
213-001Shizuoka Shimizu LineShin-shizuoka
213-003Shizuoka Shimizu LineHiyoshicho
213-005Shizuoka Shimizu LineOtowacho
213-007Shizuoka Shimizu LineKasugacho
213-009Shizuoka Shimizu LineYunoki
213-011Shizuoka Shimizu LineNaganuma
213-013Shizuoka Shimizu LineFurusho
213-015Shizuoka Shimizu LinePref. Sports Park
213-016Shizuoka Shimizu LinePref. Art Museum
213-017Shizuoka Shimizu LineKusanagi
213-021Shizuoka Shimizu LineMikadodai
213-023Shizuoka Shimizu LineKitsunegasaki
213-025Shizuoka Shimizu LineSakurabashi
213-027Shizuoka Shimizu LineIrieoka
213-029Shizuoka Shimizu LineShin-shimizu

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