Kanto Line 255

* mark in station name column means the code is not station (area or ticket type).

Line-StationLine nameStation nameMemo
255-002Izukyu LineIto
255-004Izukyu LineMianamiito
255-006Izukyu LineKawana
255-008Izukyu LineFuto
255-009Izukyu LineJogasakikaigan
255-010Izukyu LineIzu Kogen
255-012Izukyu LineIzuokawa
255-014Izukyu LineIzuhokkawa
255-016Izukyu LineIzutagawa
255-018Izukyu LineKataseshirata
255-020Izukyu LineIzuinatori
255-022Izukyu LineImaihamakaigan
255-024Izukyu LineKawazu
255-026Izukyu LineInazusa
255-028Izukyu LineRendaiji
255-030Izukyu LineIzukyu-Shimoda

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