Kanto Line 249

* mark in station name column means the code is not station (area or ticket type).

Chiba Urban Monorail
Line-StationLine nameStation nameMemo
249-001Line 2Chiba
249-003Line 2Chibakoen
249-005Line 2Sakusabe
249-007Line 2Tendai
249-009Line 2Anagawa
249-011Line 2Sports Center
249-013Line 2Dobutsukoen
249-015Line 2Mitsuwadai
249-017Line 2Tsuga
249-019Line 2Sakuragi
249-021Line 2Oguradai
249-023Line 2Chishirodaikita
249-025Line 2Chishirodai
249-065Line 1Chibaminato
249-067Line 1Shiyakushomae
249-069Line 1Chiba
249-071Line 1Sakaecho
249-073Line 1Yoshikawakoen
249-075Line 1Kenchomae
249-120-* Chiba Urban Monorail All lines - Free ticket for lunch

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