Kanto Line 145

* mark in station name column means the code is not station (area or ticket type).

Shinano Railway
Line-StationLine nameStation nameMemo
145-129Shinano Railway LineKARUIZAWA
145-131Shinano Railway LineNAKA-KARUIZAWA
145-133Shinano Railway LineSHINANO-OIWAKE
145-135Shinano Railway LineMIYOTA
145-137Shinano Railway LineHIRAHARA
145-139Shinano Railway LineKOMORO
145-141Shinano Railway LineSHIGENO
145-143Shinano Railway LineTANAKA
145-145Shinano Railway LineOYA
145-146Shinano Railway LineSHINANO-KOKUBUNJI
145-147Shinano Railway LineUEDA
145-149Shinano Railway LineNISHI-UEDA
145-150Shinano Railway LineTEKUNO-SAKAKI
145-151Shinano Railway LineSAKAKI
145-153Shinano Railway LineTOGURA
145-154Shinano Railway LineCHIKUMA
145-155Shinano Railway LineYASHIRO
145-156Shinano Railway LineYASHIROKOKO-MAE
145-157Shinano Railway LineShinonoi

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