JR, Semi-public sector Line 066

* mark in station name column means the code is not station (area or ticket type).

Aichi Loop Railway
Line-StationLine nameStation nameMemo
066-001Aichi Loop LineOkazaki
066-003Aichi Loop LineMutsuna
066-005Aichi Loop LineNaka-Okazaki
066-007Aichi Loop LineKita-Okazaki
066-009Aichi Loop LineDaimon
066-011Aichi Loop LineKitanomasuzuka
066-013Aichi Loop LineMikawa-Kamigo
066-015Aichi Loop LineEkaku
066-017Aichi Loop LineSuenohara
066-019Aichi Loop LineMikawa-Toyota
066-021Aichi Loop LineShin-Uwagoromo
066-023Aichi Loop LineShin-Toyota
066-024Aichi Loop LineAikan-Umetsubo
066-025Aichi Loop LineShigo
066-026Aichi Loop LineKaizu
066-027Aichi Loop LineHomi
066-029Aichi Loop LineSasabara
066-031Aichi Loop LineYakusa
066-033Aichi Loop LineYamaguchi
066-035Aichi Loop LineSetoguchi
066-037Aichi Loop LineSetoshi
066-039Aichi Loop LineNakamizuno
066-041Aichi Loop LineKozoji
Tokai Transport Service
Line-StationLine nameStation nameMemo
066-129Johoku LineKachigawa
066-130Johoku LineAjiyoshi
066-131Johoku LineHira
066-132Johoku LineOtai
066-133Johoku LineOwari-Hoshinomiya
066-134Johoku LineBiwajima

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