JR, Semi-public sector Line 020

* mark in station name column means the code is not station (area or ticket type).

Shikoku Railway
Line-StationLine nameStation nameMemo
Kotoku LineTakamatsu
020-002Kotoku LineShowacho
020-003Kotoku LineRitsurinkoen-Kitaguchi
020-005Kotoku LineRitsurin
020-006Kotoku LineKitacho
020-007Kotoku LineYashima
020-009Kotoku LineFurutakamatsu-Minami
020-010Kotoku LineYakuriguchi
020-011Kotoku LineSanuki-Mure
020-012Kotoku LineShido
020-013Kotoku LineOrange-Town
020-014Kotoku LineZoda
020-015Kotoku LineKanzaki
020-017Kotoku LineSanuki-Tsuda
020-018Kotoku LineTsuruwa
020-019Kotoku LineNibu
Kotoku LineSambommatsu
Kotoku LineSanuki-Shirotori
Kotoku LineHiketa
Kotoku LineSanuki-Aioi
020-026Kotoku LineAwa-Omiya
020-027Kotoku LineItano
Kotoku LineAwa-Kawabata
Kotoku LineBando
020-031Kotoku LineIkenotani
Kotoku LineShozui
Kotoku LineYoshinari
020-037Kotoku LineSako
020-038Kotoku Line, Mugi LineTokushima
Mugi LineAwa-Tomida
Mugi LineNikenya
020-042Mugi LineBunkanomori
020-043Mugi LineJizobashi
020-045Mugi LineChuden
Mugi LineMinami-Komatsushima
Mugi LineAwa-Akaishi
Mugi LineTatsue
Mugi LineHanoura
020-054Mugi LineNishibara
020-055Mugi LineAwa-Nakashima
Mugi LineAnan
Mugi LineMinobayashi
Mugi LineAwa-Tachibana
Mugi LineKuwano
020-062Mugi LineAratano
020-063Mugi LineAwa-Fukui
Mugi LineYuki
Mugi LineTainohamaTemporal station
Mugi LineKiki
Mugi LineKitagawachi
Mugi LineHiwasa
020-070Mugi LineYamagawachi
020-071Mugi LineHegawa
Mugi LineMugi
Mugi LineSabase
020-075Mugi LineAsakawa
020-077Mugi LineAwa-Kainan

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