2021/09/22 - Take the Coara train

It was the first time to ride Yamaman Yukarigaoka line.

Sakura Yukarigaoka post office is located along the Yukarigaoka line.

Visited post offices

In sequence, there are photos of post offices where I visited. Click a photo to enlarge.

  • Sakura Shizu (05377)
    Sakura Shizu (05377)
  • Sakura Nishishizu (05148)
    Sakura Nishishizu (05148)
  • Sakura Nakashizu (05425)
    Sakura Nakashizu (05425)
  • Sakura Yukarigaoka (05577)
    Sakura Yukarigaoka (05577)


Refer to the following map for a footprint (Movement in the Sakura city) by GPS on the day.