2004/08/18 - Rounding in Osaka city Chuo ward

I rounded in Osaka city before working.

A building of the Osaka Sueyoshibashi post office stands out because of its color. In the post office, there is book shelf and we can read books during waiting. A hotel exists next to the Osaka Sennichimae post office.

Visited post offices

In sequence, there are photos of post offices where I visited. Click a photo to enlarge.

  • Osaka Minamisemba 1 (41435)
    Osaka Minamisemba 1 (41435)
  • Osaka Sueyoshibashi (41436)
    Osaka Sueyoshibashi (41436)
  • Osaka Minami (41425)
    Osaka Minami (41425)
  • Osaka Kozu (41413)
    Osaka Kozu (41413)
  • Osaka Sennichimae (41444)
    Osaka Sennichimae (41444)
  • Osaka Sennichimae Chuodori (40303)
    Osaka Sennichimae Chuodori (40303)
  • Osaka Ebisubashi (41447)
    Osaka Ebisubashi (41447)


Refer to the following map for a footprint (Movement in the Osaka downtown area) by GPS on the day.