2003/12/24 - Rounding by Osaka subway 2

I rounded in the area of the Osaka subway Yotsubashi line.

It's difficult to find the Nishinari Sembonkita post office, because it is in a residential area. While waiting for savings procedure, many new year's card sold.

Visited post offices

In sequence, there are photos of post offices where I visited. Click a photo to enlarge.

  • Nishinari Sembonkita (41419)
    Nishinari Sembonkita (41419)
  • Nishinari Sembonminami (41193)
    Nishinari Sembonminami (41193)
  • Nishinari Kishinosatohigashi (41150)
    Nishinari Kishinosatohigashi (41150)


Refer to the following map for a footprint (Movement near the Kishinosato station) by GPS on the day.