2000/09/25 - Seeing a panda at Oji zoo

I went to the Oji zoo to see pandas. And I walked from there to Sannomiya.

Kobe Nakajima post office is located on the hill. I admired that the students who go to school near the post office climb the hill everyday.

Visited post offices

In sequence, there are photos of post offices where I visited. Click a photo to enlarge.

  • Kobe Fukuzumi (43312)
    Kobe Fukuzumi (43312)
  • Kobe Nakajima (43448)
    Kobe Nakajima (43448)
  • Kobe Kamitsutsui (43526)
    Kobe Kamitsutsui (43526)
  • Kobe Kumochi (43503)
    Kobe Kumochi (43503)