Travels for Postal Savings

Administration of visitation

When you begin travels for postal savings, post office you visited are increasing. Then, it becomes difficult to distinguish the post office you visited. To prevent visiting same post office, you must make all kinds of efforts.

Notes screen
Notes screen

There is an easy way you manage administration of visitation by using spreadsheet or database software.

In the early days I managed it by using spreadsheet software(Lotus 1-2-3). However, when the number of the post offices I visited are over a few hundred, it reached the limit.

Now, I'm using the IBM Lotus Notes. The Notes database has some fields(post office #, name, address, date of visited etc.) and I make use of it for planning travels for postal savings.

My system has following functions.

Administration of post offices I visited
Creating list by number, by area
Administration of post offices I don't visit yet
Creating list by number, by are
Creating list for the web
Creating data for this web site

System image
System image