ThinkPad 701C

My ThinkPads

I show you other my ThinkPads.

ThinkPad 320

ThinkPad 320(5523-Y08)

It's my first ThinkPad. I bought it at T-ZONE on August 1995.

The address of university co-op in Tohoku region was written on address sheet which was put up the box. The reason of discount seemed to be this ThinkPad was dead stock.

About 5 years, I used it as RBBS(Radio Bulletin Board System) host.

ThinkPad 220

ThinkPad 220(2432-SJ8)

On October, 1996, I waited up all night to purchase it in sale.

I installed 8MB memory to run the Windows 3.1. But there was few opportunities to use it.

ThinkPad 535X

ThinkPad 535X(2606-70J)

I bought it as substitute of ThinkPad 701C on January, 1999.

SVGA screen was comfortable at the time, because it was wide. I had dropped and broken it. But I had repaired free, because I had the enhanced maintenance contract.

ThinkPad 240

ThinkPad 240(2609-43J)

I bought it as substitute of ThinkPad 535X on February, 2000.

The body is thin, so it's easy to carry. I have a dissatisfaction about an arrangement of keyboard. Because [PgUp] and [PgDn] keys are not independent.

ThinkPad X20

ThinkPad X20(2662-2NJ)

I bought it at IBM employee purchase program on June, 2001.

It was a first machine that has XGA display for me. Hard disk went wrong as times goes on.

ThinkPad X31

ThinkPad X31(2672-CBJ)

My company had lent it me. I bought it after lease expiration.

This ThinkPad is good because it has solid structure and wireless LAN.

ThinkPad A22e

ThinkPad A22e(2655-36J)

ThinkPad X20 was out of condition and I bought ThinkPad A22e on June, 2004.

But, this ThinkPad was broken within half a year.

ThinkPad T42

ThinkPad T42(2373-9ZJ)

As a result of a fault in ThinkPad A22e, I bought it on January, 2005.

It is good at thin body and SXGA+ wide display. So I used it as main workstation over 4 years. This ThinkPad had trouble at fan and DVD-RAM drive. But there were repaired free.

ThinkPad 600

ThinkPad 600(2645-53J)

I got this ThinkPad which was scrapped. The display is reddish.

Sometimes I 'm experiencing the feel of keyboard.

ThinkPad A31

ThinkPad A31(2652-B4J)

I got this ThinkPad which was scrapped.

This ThinkPad had been broken, so I sent it to repair shop for repair. Now my parents are using it.

ThinkPad 560X

ThinkPad 560X(2640-80J)

I got this ThinkPad which was scrapped, too.

It has trouble in TrackPoint, it needs to connect to external mouse.

ThinkPad R50e

ThinkPad R50e(1834-C93)

To install Linux, I bought it on August, 2007.

Now I install Solaris and use it for developping web applications.

ThinkPad X200s

ThinkPad X200s(7465-CTO)

I bought it from Lenovo on May, 2009. The price was very very low-priced.

Although CPU is Celeron, I don't feel lack of power to use usually.