Research of Automatic Ticket Checker


An automatic ticket checker mechanizes a work of checking tickets by person. It can check the passenger's ticket which is valid or not in a flash.

In 1960's, the machine was tested for putting it to practical use at JNR(Japan National Railway), Kintetsu and Tokyu etc.. Practical use was started at Hankyu(Keihanshin kyuko) Kita-senri station in Osaka.

Many of automatic ticket checkers are installed in the station of railway. It also can be seen in museum and airport etc.. And then it is used as a security gate in office in nowadays.


Machine is arranged on both sides of a pathway and person passes through this way. For details, I explain in another page.


(1) Bar
To detect passenger by using infra red
(2) Catcher
Throw your ticket in this catcher
(3) Course display
Leading passengers to pathway
(4) Box
Collecting used tickets into this box


The price seems to be about millions of yen in the single functional type only dealing with a magnetic ticket. In latest machines which have multi function(Magnetic ticket and IC card)are priced 10 million yen or more.

The concrete price of Toshiba's machine is displayed in web page(http://www.g-mark.org).

ModelPriceDelivered to
EG-8005,000,000 yenHankyu Corporation
EG-1100JE10,000,000 - 20,000,000 yenCentral Japan Railway Company(Shinkansen)
EG-3000Open priceCentral Japan Railway Company(Shinkansen)