Research of Automatic Ticket Checker


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There are many people who have seen the scene that the maintenance crew checks an automatic ticket checker. An automatic ticket checker needs to maintain periodically for precision apparatus.

Some parts which need to be maintained exist in an automatic ticket checker. Above all the handler unit which carries tickets requires a maintenance most.


There are magnetic heads which read and write the magnetic data on a ticket in the handler unit. Whenever a ticket pass it, the magnetic head touches ticket and is worn down. Position adjustment and cleaning of a magnetic head serve as work indispensable in order to work an automatic ticket checker normally.

Recently, the machine only for IC card has appeared with spreading of IC cards. This trend has an aim to reduce maintenance cost for user.

Adjustment of the belt for carrying ticket, exchange door cover, etc. are also performed in maintenance work.

Maintenance person

Maintenance tools

The person who has special skill performs maintenance an automatic ticket checker.

In many cases, an automatic ticket checker maker or its associated company contracted maintenance work. Recently, organizations that is using it commission the subsidiary to maintain it.

Maintenance company(User related)

Maintenance company(Maker related)